Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lightroom catalogs

I wasn't sure how well the last post would go off when I put it up here. I said that I was looking into the issue and believed that I owed everyone the answer, good or bad or otherwise. The week's e-mails let me know how everyone felt about what I had to say. The responses weren't all that favourable. Here's a response to many of them:

"A catalog is how Lightroom tracks the location of files and remembers information about them. It’s like a database that contains a record of your photos. This record is stored in the catalog and contains data, such as preview information, links that indicate where the photos are located on your computer, metadata that describes the photos, and editing instructions recorded in the Develop module. When you rate photos, add metadata and keyword tags, organize photos into collections, or remove photos from the catalog—even when the original photo files are offline—the settings are stored in the catalog." - From

"The Lightroom catalog is a database ..." - From

Over on the Forensic Photoshop blog, I've posted a description of a recent decision regarding Metadata and discovery from the 2nd Cir. "Examples include ... database information."

If the Lightroom Catalog is a database that contains information, including Metadata, which may pertain to a case; and Metadata is discoverable ... then is your Lightroom catalog discoverable? With the latest trends in e-discovery, why would anyone not want to know the answers?

I never said it was or wasn't. I said to check with your council and to use it with caution. I also said that I love using it in private work, which is where I use it (exclusively). 

With this discussion behind us ... let's move on. Until then, enjoy.

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